Sawmill Safari 2012 – Visits in Finland and in Chile

Goal of the project

The goal of this project is to increase the cooperation and client commitment between the Chilean and Finnish forestry companies. Another important objective was the media publicity for the Finnish companies in Chile.

The project had two parts:

First part included a Sawmill Safari to Finland, where the Chilean end customers visited the Finnish sawmill suppliers in Finland.
Second part included a one week lobbying program for Finnish companies in Chile.

Cooperation partners
Finnish Embassy in Chile
Duoc University
Embajada de Finlandia Duoc
Part I: Chilean companies visit Finland

The most important Chilean forestry companies Arauco (turnover of 4 billion USD) and CMPC (turnover of 1,7 billion USD) visited Finland in August 2012 with successful results. Lignum magazine also published an extensive article about the safari as their head news for their magazine in November 2012.

Visit in FinlandImage source: Lignum

Read about the Safari in Finland in LIGNUM magazine (In Spanish; pdf, 1 MB)

Part II: Finnish companies visit Chile

The lobbying week in Chile included three seminars; one for high managers in Arauco and CMPC organized at the residence of the
Finnish Ambassador, second public seminar for operative forestry managers (over 100 participants) and third was a private seminar organized by Arauco. The program also included sawmills visits and private meetings.

Read about the sawmill visit in Chile on the webpages of the Embassy of Finland in Santiago, Chile (In Finnish)

Media coverage

The visit of the Finnish companies in Chile was reported widely in the local media covering local newspapers and e-news, forestry associations and forestry media as well as even media in Uruguay.

Participant list

Finnish large and SME sawmill suppliers:
– Finnish Sawmill Association (Delegation leader)
– Heinola Sawmill corp.
– FinScan Oy
– Valon Kone Oy
– Veisto Oy
– Savcor Forest Oy

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