SAWTEC 2015 – Aserrío: Automatización para un negocio rentable

Seminario y talleres sobre “Aserrío: Automatización para un negocio rentable”.
El evento sería en español. Adjunto el programa: SAWTEC 2015

Presentations of the Finnish companies:
– Heinola Sawmill Machinery videos:
– Nordautomation, videos:
– Valon Kone, videos:  
– KPA Unicon, other material:
– Veisto videos: HewSaw R200 1.1 KrylboHigh speedVilppula, the most modern sawmill in the world



The themes of the day:
– Sawmilling industry is one of the most important export article for Finland – learn the success story!
– How to increase efficiency at your sawmill?
– How to automatize sawmilling processes successfully?
– How to improve energy efficiency?
– Get deeper knowledge about the cutting edge sawmill technology.

Get signed for the workshops. The event lasts for the whole day.

Hosting companies: Hewsaw, Heinola Sawmill Machinery, Valon Kone, KPA Unicon and Nordautomation.
Inscriptions & further information: Niina Fu, e-mail: