Niina Fu

The best time to make friends is before you need them. — Ethel Barrymore

While the goals in Latin America are similar to Nordic countries, the path to reach them is somewhat different. Influenced by personal relationships, motivations, and corporate hierarchies, it is not always straightforward to navigate.

When you choose to step into the Latin world you have two options. You can do your homework more than well, lead with excitement and drive, and remember that you are dealing with people on an individual level instead of large corporations. Or, you can choose me to work for you to ease the way. Nobody survives alone and good contacts are a must in this part of the world.

I originally chose Chile and Latin America about 20 years ago in pursuit of my passion: skiing the Andes Mountains. What a journey I have experienced since then, as my skiing world merged into a professional career bridging the gap between my home country and my new adopted land.

Last but not least, when you truly enjoy what you do, doors will open for you.

And yes, I still go skiing in my free time.